The cloud changed your business

We are changing the cloud.

By using a distributed network instead of data centers, we are making the cloud as it should always have been: Private, Safe and Green.

Cubbit for Teams is the cloud storage designed to protect your files and the planet.

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Cubbit is building the World’s first distributed cloud with the aim to go back to Internet’s ideal roots

Cubbit being a distributed data center is invulnerable to localized attacks

Cubbit challenges the cloud giants switching from global servers to a distributed data center.

Why is Cubbit different?

In May 2020 alone there were 8.8 billion data breaches.

Let’s flip this!

Cubbit is the only cloud applying 3 layers of security

Each file is encrypted, divided and distributed across the network. This combo of three security layers makes your data totally inaccessible.


Cubbit offers the highest level of cloud storage security. We apply 3 layers of protection: each file is encrypted, split into chunks and spread across our network - only the password (which only you have) can unlock this file.

Data-centers are responsible for the emission of 110 million tonnes of C02 every year.

Let’s flip this!

Cubbit is 10x greener than industry standards!

Our distributed infrastructure allows your team to save 400kg of CO2 annually, for each 10 TB stored on Cubbit. We don’t run data-centers, therefore we don’t waste energy for cooling.

Traditional cloud providers use 70% of your fees to build, cool and maintain their data-centers.

Let’s flip this!

Cubbit makes you pay for a great service, not the maintenance!

Without data-centers, we drastically reduce cloud costs and waste, this means top performance at a competitive cost for our customers.


Cubbit offers the highest level of cloud storage security. We apply 3 layers of protection: each file is encrypted, split into chunks and spread across our network - only the password (which only you have) can unlock this file.

How do we ensure your files stay safe?

Each file is encrypted, split, made redundant and spread across the network: this is our distributed cloud


Cubbit is the first and largest distributed network, counting 3,000+ nodes in 70+ countries.

On top of this infrastructure Cubbit is able to provide your business with the most secure and green cloud storage in the market.

Discover our zero-knowledge architecture.



When you decide to upload a file onto Cubbit for Teams
, it gets encrypted with one of the most advanced AES-256 encryption algorithms and split into dozens of chunks.

Keep safe


During the upload these chunks are distributed in multiple copies across the network of 3000+ nodes in 70+ countries, via end-to-end, zero-knowledge encrypted channels.



When you want to download your file,  our coordinator finds and downloads the chunks, reassembles the file and decrypts it with the key that is retrievable to you and you alone.


Share with total peace of mind. Cubbit allows you to create shared folders and generate shareable links. Add a password to make them even more secure.

Our admin console allows for easy team management: add and oversee collaborators in one user-friendly environment.

Free space up on your computer by choosing whether to locally sync the folders you upload to Cubbit.

All your files are stored in one simple-to-use location. Our handy search bar tool makes searching for them quick and easy.

And there is more

  • Privacy by Design

    Files are zero-knowledge encrypted. No unwanted viewers can access your files, not even Cubbit!

  • Never lose work again

    Cubbit applies redundancy to files and optimizes their network location - making it impossible to lose them.

  • Work on all devices

    Always get to your files. Cubbit offers a desktop app and web app accessible from all OS. Native mobile is coming soon

Distribute your team where work happens

Don’t get stuck in one place, let your team work from wherever. Cubbit shared folders will make you feel like your working side-by-side.


Break down the walls of what it means to work remotely!


We are changing the cloud.

Shape it with your ideas!

We are doing something different and we want to do it with you.


This product is built specifically for users’ needs. We want you to have your say on the product: share your feedback, receive special offers, enjoy exclusive releases and even the chance to see your proposals developed on the product.

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1TB / User

€9 User/month

€6 User/month

  • Take advantage of limited time offer
  • 1 TB/User
  • Zero knowledge encryption
  • Save up to 40kg of CO2 per user

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2TB / User

€12 User/month

€7 User/month

  • Take advantage of limited time offer
  • 2 TB/User
  • Zero knowledge encryption
  • Save up to 80kg of CO2 per user


5TB / User

€24 User/month

€12 User/month

  • Take advantage of limited time offer
  • 5 TB/User
  • Zero knowledge encryption
  • Save up to 200kg of CO2 per user

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Welcome to the new era of the cloud

Italian born, global by choice.
Cubbit is on a mission to challenge the status quo of the cloud storage business, by putting privacy, sustainability and accessible pricing back at the heart of the industry - as it always should have been.

Our story started with a Kickstarter campaign which offered a new style of personal cloud storage and became one of the top 1% of most-funded campaigns in the site’s history.

Thanks to our efforts and our supporters, our distributed infrastructure now runs in 70+ countries and has 3.000+ nodes taking our mission to the next step: to protect your business files with the most secure cloud storage ever.


Cubbit for Teams is crafted in Italy for the 🌍

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