Private, Secure File Sync and Sharing for your business

Cubbit helps businesses work securely on the cloud and protects their privacy by design.

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Cubbit being a distributed data center is invulnerable to localized attacks

Cubbit is building the World’s first distributed cloud with the aim to go back to Internet’s ideal roots

Cubbit is moving into the market with a product that challenges the cloud giants

Your data has never been safer

Your data has never been safer

End-to-end encryption

Nobody can access your files without your permission, not even Cubbit.


Never lose a file again

Thanks to redundancy your documents are always available and you can also recover deleted files and previous versions.


Protect your files

Cubbit offers very high cybersecurity for all your files. No hardware failures, no external attack.

Share and collaborate easily

Share and collaborate easily

Secure links and passwords

Send and receive files quickly with your partners via shared links; set a password for each file.


Granular access control

Share folders to collaborate. Set users’ permissions and control the access.


Administrator account

Manage users, activity logs and passwords. Set cost viewing permissions for overviewing the bills.

Access your files from anywhere, anytime

Access your files from anywhere, anytime

Always secure and updated

Your files automatically synced on all your computers and devices.


Native and mobile apps

Access easily your files on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and all web browsers.


Real-time backup

You and your partners can always access the latest version of files; wherever you are, whenever you want.

What our users say

"The distribution of encrypted documents chunks makes it impossible for anyone to get access to our data. Cubbit not only protects our clients’ privacy and ours, it’s also 10 times greener than the other cloud solutions in the market."

Matthew Fincher, IT expert - INESSE

“Before we were concerned about using a cloud solution for our companys data. With Cubbit our sensitive information is completely safe.“

Olly Mcbrown, Accountant - Evensi

“We were looking for a solution that would protect our sensitive data without being extremely expensive. In Cubbit we found what we wanted.“

Gianluca Bellardinelli, legal expert - Tickete

About us

We are setting the new standard of privacy and security on the cloud, empowering individuals and businesses to take full control of their data and collaborate without any tradeoffs.

Cubbit is the first cloud provider that does not store users’ files in centralized, proprietary data centers. It runs on a new distributed network in +55 countries and is growing to create a new paradigm based on privacy and collaboration.


Ready to take full control of your data on the cloud?

By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read and agreed the Privacy policy

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